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Risk Groups - Tend to experience a pathological condition following groups of women:

• Women who have had the experience of abortion (miscarriage) or losses already born child;

• Women with increased excitability of the nervous system, characterized by the instability of the psyche;

• Women suffering from infertility, especially those who have long been making attempts to get pregnant (usually this is the age between 30-40 years).

Treatment of False pregnancy - Disappearance of the symptoms of false pregnancy can be observed even after discussions with the gynecologist. In the case of the analysis of anxiety or lack of positive results may need therapy endocrinologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist, however, before the therapist (psychiatrist) will be challenged to deal not only with the state of false pregnancy, but also to work out those mental problems, disorders that triggered the condition. In addition, the lack of real pregnancy can exacerbate those states that were provocateurs. False pregnancies after asking this provision are prone to depression, in which psychotherapeutic assistance becomes a necessity. For More Read this ByCause of False Pregnancy

Male Syndrome “pregnancy” - Surprisingly, the original false pregnancy occurs in men. This disorder has a name - “Couvade syndrome”. This syndrome is manifested in men, women who are pregnant at this time. It is accompanied by psychogenic disorder, psychosomatic disorders. Men with too much empathize as wives, and many are beginning to feel the symptoms of pregnancy. At risk are only very receptive men who have a harmonious relationship with the second half.


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