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Signs of false pregnancy

Among all the psycho-emotional disorders, which can cover a woman, false pregnancy differ more realism, but, fortunately, is a fairly rare disease. False pregnancy is another name of pathological mental disorder in which symptoms can occur, a condition peculiar to the present pregnancy. Oddly enough, the animals this condition occurs much more often than women. In women it can happen once in her life, but history is known and recurring case of this disorder in fact the Queen of England Mary I.

Signs of false pregnancy - In its manifestation false pregnancy quite difficult to distinguish from the real symptoms of pregnancy:

• Toxemia;

• Weakness;

• Mood swings;

• Absence of menstruation or its irregularity;

• Increase in stomach - “bulge” of the abdomen, uterine enlargement or increased development of subcutaneous fat in the anterior abdominal wall;

• Flatulence and bowel atony

• Breast enlargement;

• Appearance of colostrum;

• Strong desire of certain products;

• Feeling movements, perturbations “fetus” (as a result of violations of the intestine);

• Sometimes occurs and softening of the cervix;

• Rarely observed false labor contractions.

There were even cases of cesarean section for women, went to the hospital only on late term. Unfortunately, the disclosure of the uterus is empty. But as a rule, false pregnancy does not reach such large terms and lasts a maximum of about three - three and a half months.


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